Carolina Vascular


Carolina Vascular  


222 Asheland Avenue
Asheville, NC 28801

Phone: 828-213-9090

Comprehensive Vascular Diagnosis and Care

Carolina Vascular offers patients throughout the region direct access to the most comprehensive care available for the treatment of peripheral vascular disease. We ensure that the most up-to-date treatment options are available to patients who benefit from our highly-specialized, cooperative team of interventional radiologists, vascular surgeons, and neurointerventional radiologists.

Carolina Vascular Doctors

Our teams of vascular specialists participate in FDA sponsored clinical trials and attend an AMA Category 1 CME Multidisciplinary Vascular Conference weekly to discuss patient care and determine the best course of diagnosis and treatment for individual patients.

Carolina Vascular’s convenient facility is located at 222 Asheland Avenue and includes a non-invasive Vascular Laboratory, and two on-site scanners for performing Magnetic Resonance Angiography and Imaging (MRA and MRI).

Our non-invasive Vascular Laboratory is ICAVL-accredited and offers carotid, aortic, visceral, lower extremity, and venous studies. All technologists are Registered Vascular Technologists. Studies may be ordered with or without concurrent physician consultation.